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March 9, 2009


VW Radio List
This radio list was originally made by Scott Fraser and the site it originally appeared on is no longer operational. I have copied the html, revised it and made several additions and corrections on November 12, 2005. At that time, I tried to contact Scott Fraser and provide him with the updated html for his site, but never received any reply. Because the original site is no longer operational, I have decided to host this page on the Old Volks Home site so that it can continue to be a source of valuable information.

Starter Troubleshooting
A brief, but thorough trouble shooting guide for Volkswagen Starters. Applies to most models and includes a diagram to wire up a Hard Start Relay.
Note: This is an Adobe PDF File (2 pages). To view this requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded from the Adobe Website for FREE. Download Acrobat Reader first, install it, then return to this site to view this and other PDF Files.
Click Here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram
I frequently get inquiries about how a particular model's Headlight Switch is supposed to be wired. This 14 page PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) shows how to properly wire your Headlight Switch for 58-77 Standard Beetles, 71-72 Super Beetles, 3/55-79 Type 2s and 66-73 Type 3s. More models to be added soon, so please check back.

Turn Signal-Hazard Switch Wiring Diagram
Another frequently asked inquiry is about how a Turn Signal Switch is supposed to be wired. This updated PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) shows how to properly wire your Turn Signal and Hazard Switch for Late 68-71 Beetles & Karmann Ghias.

Headlight Dimmer Relay Diagram
The replacement Headlight Relay you buy these days may or may not match what was originally installed in your Volkswagen. Terminal Numbers (or Letters) changed as the design and/or size was upgraded over the years. In addition, some years require an additional wire bridge between two certain terminals for the relay to even work properly. This shows a detailed diagram of which wires go where and why.
This is a PDF File requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader (see previous link description above).
For further details about the Headlight Relay, Click Here to see Matt Roberds' excellent article on his website.

Hazard (Emergency) Switch Wiring Diagram
Here's another switch I frequently get inquiries on regarding it's proper wiring. This 9 page PDF (Adobe Acrobat required) shows how the switch is properly wired. Models covered are Late 68-77 Standard Beetles, 71-72 Super Beetles, Late 68-74 Karmann Ghias, Late 68-79 Type 2s, Late 68-73 Type 3s and 71-74 Type 4s. 73-79 Super Beetles & 80-91 Vanagons to be added later on.

Heater Box Replacement & Helpful Tips
By Matt Roberds of the Type 2 and VintageBus Mailing List
Although written for his 64 Bus, this step-by-step write-up with photos apply to Beetles/Karmann Ghias from January 1963 through 1974 and Buses from January 1963 through 1967, all equipped with the "Fresh Air" Heater System. Very thorough and helpful hints everywhere and a must-read if you want to stay warm during those cold winters.

9 Terminal Flasher Troubleshooting, Replacement and Alternatives
Another great write-up by Matt Roberds.
Perhaps by far the best article covering this infamous set-up for the turn signals originally designed
and utilized on the 66 thru Early 68 Type 2 Buses. Includes information and exstensive color wiring diagrams. Worth downloading the PNG's and html into your PC or Mac for on-the-site troubleshooting and repair. I once did an article in my old catalog on this about 12 years ago, but by today's standards it is real crude - this one by Matt is much more concise and I think easier to understand. Although Terminals 54 & 54f are NOT used on Bug & Karmann Ghia applications, this info can be used to troubleshoot and repair them as well (66-Early 68 Models).
This write-up is now located in the Type2.com library at:
Type2.Com Flasher Info

Late 68-70 Type 1 Turn Signal Wiring
Probably one of the most requested procedures I get on the phone or email. This PDF shows how the original 4 Terminal Flasher Box is properly connected and how the Turn Signal Switch is wired up on Late 68 thru 1970 Beetles & Karmann Ghias (From Vin 1x8 381 367). Since the 4 Terminal Flasher Box hasn't been available new for almost 2 decades, you can use the 3 Terminal Flasher Box (71-later models, VW Part # 111-953-227A or D [or latest VW Part # 191-953-227]) by following the note in the diagram provided.

Ignition Switch, Steering Lock and Lock Cylinder Replacement - 71 to Early 74 Type 2 Bus
By Mike Howles of the Type 2 Mailing List.
Robert Bentley's procedure is somewhat lacking when discussing the removal, repair and replacement of these items. Mike's photo step-by-step procedure with excellent pictures offers better hand holding. He did this on his 72 Bus, but the procedure applies to 71-Early 74 Models (To VIN 2x4 2164 059).
For Late 74 to 79 Type 2 Buses (From VIN 2x4 2164 060), check out Richard Atwell's redesign of Brad Clausen's excellent photo step-by-step Tutorial with photos he used on his 78 Bus (with some fine-tuned re-writing and photos from Jamie Rivers):
(Note: This is link has (again) changed effective 3/9/2009 - Please update YOUR Bookmark/Favorite!)
Ignition Switch, Steering Lock and Lock Cylinder Replacement
Late 74-79 Type 2 Bus (From VIN 2x4 2164 060)

NEW! For Vanagon Owners!
Shawn from the Vanagon Yahoo List has graciously allowed the inclusion of his link regarding the step-by-step replacement of the Vanagon Ignition Switch:
Ignition Switch Replacement
80-91 Vanagon

Now I wish someone out there had a procedure with photos for the 68-70 Type 2 Bus. These can be even a bigger bear to repair that the later bay-window Buses. If someone our there has done this with a write-up and step-by-step photos send me your link or if you can't have it hosted somewhere, I'll be glad to host it here on this site with credit(s) towards your contribution.
E-Mail me with info and/or questions.

Wiper Switch Modification - Beetle and Karmann Ghia 58-66
Tired of fussing with a Single Speed Wiper Switch that's showing it's age? Upgrade to a Two Speed Wiper Switch following these procedures. Although briefly mentioned in the Robert Bentley Manual for creating a "bridging circuit" on the replacement switch, they don't say where to place the other wires! This procedure explains it all.
This is a PDF File requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Exhaust Parts Listings - Bus 72-79
Includes information on 72-74 exhaust system retro-fits for 75-78 Models

HOW TO: Vanagon 2.1 Into 83.5-85
Can't see your way through financially to a Tiico Engine Conversion for your 83.5-85 Vanagon? Gotta 2.1 Wasserboxer engine in good shape? Check this step-by-step procedure I did on my 84 Westfalia.

NEW!HOW TO: Retrofit 85-91 Tachometer Cluster Into Your 80-84 VanagonNEW!
A comprehensive look at retro-fitting a later Instrument Cluster with the Factory Tachometer. Shows how to identify the wiring, hooking up the Tachometer and a few neat tricks and tips to do the job right. Check this step-by-step procedure I did on both my 84 Westfalia and 84 Vanagon GL.

Ignition Distributor List - By Bosch Number
Sitting there with a distributor you haven't the foggiest what it fits? Check this page out that lists all Beetle, Bus and Vanagon Distributors by the Bosch number stamped on the side of the distributor (Type 3, Type 4 & Eurovan coming soon). Includes cross links to the Ignition Distributor Specifications Page shown below.

The Ignition Distributor Specifications Page
Wanna know what distributor your Beetle, Bus, Vanagon and Type 3 was originally equipped with? This application list has it all, including timing specifications, interchanges and the Bosch Product Numbers for the replacement parts. This page has been heavily updated recently with additional listings showing Washer/Shim Repair Kits, Dust Covers and a host of other internal parts for Distributors not normally found in the current Bosch Product Books or even in VW's ETKA anymore Eurovan to be added soon! Knowledge is POWER!

Oil Cooler Install Tips and The "Hoover Bit"
Replace your Oil Cooler, Oil Cooler Stand and Seals with the CORRECT parts and in the CORRECT manner. Wanna know what a "Hoover Bit" is and why it's necessary on "Dog-House" Oil Cooler set-ups? All you need to know is right here.

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