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Oil Cooler Installation - Upright 12-1600 & "Flat" Type 4 Engines

Volkswagen Cases 1200-1600 thru 1969 came with "small" oil galleries and single relief oil systems. The original oil coolers installed on them used the 111-117-151 seal. However, with the introduction the dual relief cases in 1970, the oil galleries were enlarged and a "stepped" seal was introduced to install the small hole oil cooler onto the large hole case. As time went on, Volkswagen eventually upgraded the replacement cooler with the larger holes, but now it required this same "stepped" seal to be used when installing it on an early, small hole case. Seal Kit 111-198-029 comes with two of these stepped seals and they must be installed as shown below to prevent leaks. The same applies if retro-fitting a Doghouse Style Cooler stand to an early, small hole case. How do you tell if you have a small hole case? Check the engine number as well as the size of the holes on the case. Beetle (Engine # B600001 on), Bus (Engine # B5116437 on) and all engines beginning with 2 letters (AB, AE, AH, etc.,) are usually dual relief cases with large (10mm) holes. All other cases are usually single relief cases with small 8mm holes). See the diagrams below for correct seal installation:

Here's a question I have been asked a number of times when customers are buying a new replacement Non-Doghouse Oil Cooler (VW 111-117-021E ) for their Dual Relief Case: What seals do I use with this? Because the replacement Non-Doghouse Oil Cooler has the larger holes and the Dual Relief Case has the larger holes the correct seals to use are the "Red" Seals used on 71-79 Upright Engines because the hole sizes are the same on both sides. 2 seals are required of course (021-117-151A).

IMPORTANT! All Cooler and Cooler Stand Hardware must be torqued to no more than 5 foot pounds!

Oil Coolers and Seals
Provided as information only; we no longer sell parts.
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Part Number Description/Application
111-117-021E Oil Cooler, Non Doghouse Style
Beetle & Bus thru 1970
113-117-021 Oil Cooler, Doghouse Style
Beetle 71-79, Bus 1971 Only
021-117-021 Oil Cooler, Bus & Vanagon 72-83, Type 4 69-74
111-117-151 Oil Cooler Seal (White or Black), 8x8mm, Beetle & Bus thru 1969
Note: With Original Cooler Only!
111-198-029 Oil Cooler Seal (Green or Grey), Stepped 8x10mm.
Note: Normally sold as a pair with copper washers
(Note: Washers used on Beetle & Bus thru 1969 using REPLACEMENT Non-Doghouse Cooler)
Seals are for the following applications:
Beetle & Bus thru 1969 using REPLACEMENT Non-Doghouse Cooler
(8mm to case, 10mm to cooler)
Beetle & Bus 1970 Only using ORIGINAL Oil Cooler (10mm to case, 8mm to cooler).
Beetle & Bus thru 1969 using Doghouse Cooler Stand (8mm to case, 10mm to stand).
021-117-151A Oil Cooler Seal (Red), 10x10mm
For the following applications:
Beetle & Bus 1600 with Dual Relief Valve Case with REPLACEMENT style Oil Cooler
(111-117-021E)(1 pair req)
Beetle 71-79 - Case to Cooler Stand OR Cooler Stand to Oil cooler (2 pair req)
Bus 1971 - Case to Cooler Stand OR Cooler Stand to Oil cooler (2 pair req)
Bus/Vanagon 72-83 - Cooler to Case (1 pair req)
Type 4 69-74 -Cooler to Case (1 pair req)

The "Hoover Bit"

To insure proper sealing and anti-vibration to the upright Doghouse Oil Cooler, VW installed a small "L" shaped bracket known and discussed on the mailing lists as the "Hoover Bit", named in honor of Bob Hoover, a major contributor on the Type 2, Vintage Bus and Vanagon Mailing Lists, as well as to several VW club newsletters during the past several years. In the past, most people ignorant of this important piece of hardware simply tossed it away, thinking it was just a hunk of metal that didn't need to be re-installed, just in the way, an additional step to be eliminated. Without it however, it results in a crucial loss of cooling air in the fan shroud and cooler "doghouse". And we all know what happens when you lose cooling air. VW hasn't made this piece of metal for a long time and finding one in the recycling yard is like.....well, you know the story of the needle in the haystack. What does a "Hoover Bit" look like? Thanks to a post David Raistrick in April 2000 made to the Type 2 List, here is a link to check out:

Ron VanNess' Hoover Bit

Wanna make a "Hoover Bit" (or have someone make it)? Thanks to Ron VanNess & Dale Mueller from the Type 2 List, here is a link to this step-by-step procedure on the Type 2 Website:

Dale Mueller Makes A Hoover Bit

In a nutshell, install your Doghouse Cooler System right the FIRST time and use a "Hoover Bit".

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